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Healthier Employees
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We provide health programs and ergonomics consultations to empower your employees to work more healthily.
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Employees are the key drivers of any company. Healthier employees means increase in productivity & profits.

Our programs help to improve ergonomics of the workplace, as well as educate employees on health-related topics.

Decrease sick leaves. Increase work done. Happy employees.

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We can help you with
Health Talks
Learn more about back pain and other syndromes commonly faced at work.
Exercise Classes
Improve fitness levels and flexibility, conducted conveniently in your office! 
Ergonomics & Safety
Assessment of workplace to make sure employees work safely & healthily.
Productivity & Savings
Increase productivity and cost savings when employees are healthy & happy!
Workplace Health & Ergonomics Specialist for Businesses
SGErgo.com was founded in 2012 by Jack Chen, a professional Ergonomist & Workplace Health Consultant based in Singapore.

Having witnessed and experienced pain, discomfort and health deterioration from long hours of work, he has made it his mission to help people excel in their careers without compromising their own health and well-being.  

Jack has performed over a 1000 individual consultations, and gave health talks to audiences of more than 5000 in Singapore. Highly experienced and engaging as a health speaker & consultant, he is committed to improve your employees' well-being and productivity, through engaging workshops and talks delivered with high energy and interaction.
Privileged To Have Served

"Jack's method of presentation has allowed me to understand more about medical syndromes in a simple and concise way. The exercises shown were explained well and easy to do while at work."

- Levi S -

"The pace of presentation was well done. Jack has taught us about the different muscles groups that can affect our posture and how good ergonomics can help us to achieve good health."

- Janice P -

"This is the first health workshop that I attended that was actually refreshingly energetic. Jack presented information on medical & health syndromes with humor, which made me want to sit through the whole program!"

- Sarah C -

Our Programs
Office Exercises
Simple & quick workouts that can be done at your work desk.
Lower-Back Pain
Learn what causes lower-back pain at work, and what can we do to solve and prevent them.
Neck & Shoulder Pain
Neck & shoulder pains are very common. Understand where the pain comes from and how to resolve them.
Ergonomics Evaluation
We'll assess & improve your workplace's ergonomics for employees to work healthily.
Computer Ergonomics
Learn how to setup your computer & desk to work with better health & posture.
Stress Relief
Understand the science behind stress & quick relief methods. 
Eat Right!
Learn how to identify different types of nutrition to make sure you eat healthy.
Sports Team Building
Invigorate employees through fun team building programs, such as Archery Tag, NERF Gun Battles & Human Foosball!
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